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Rentigla is a powerful platform that helps landlords associations manage their members and improve their work efficency. This easy to use software supports different areas which are related to associations, like: memberships, events, discussion forum and member resources.

Membership support

Easy to follow member process registration (different user accounts with customized privileges depending on the role). Create members, companies manually assigning to them different products, membership.  Filter, search and export foundsets of members. Support of online payments (for example; paypal api).
Automatization of account renewal, insight into invoices for members. Automatized notify emails.

Property Managment

a place where all landloards properties are listed and possible rent can be arranged

All properties are listed, categorized and  marked on the map. Complex search with many options for tenants to look for their perfect property. Ability for tenants to mark their favorite properties and print their details

Unique presentation of property and company